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Protect your e-commerce store, and your peace of mind, by detecting revenue-impacting issues in near real-time. No setup required. 🔥

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3 key features

AI-based Monitoring of all aspects of your digital commerce operation, keeping you on top of your KPIs.

Detailed Detection of revenue-impacting issues, saving you big bucks in revenue you would otherwise lose.

Root Cause Analysis of the changes that coincided with the issue, allowing your team to fix issues faster.

A word from Revend's users

“Knowing when and how an issue impacts our revenue as soon as possible is a key to our growth at Loop. Our current tools don’t offer the real-time and revenue-focused view Revend promises. That is why I gave the green light to trial their solution. It can hold tremendous value for us." Dimitri O, Co-founder at Loop Earplugs

“Early detection of issues that affect our customers is key to ensure a great digital shopping experience. That is why we trial Revend for multiple Karo Pharma brands.” Xaveer Rumbaut, Performance Marketeer at Alpha Foods and Remescar

“Alignment between our data, business, and marketing teams is a crucial aspect of our long term success. Revend’s promise to offer real-time alerts for revenue-impacting issues offers a piece to solving this challening puzzle.” Joris De Roover - Country manager Belgium & The Netherlands at Newpharma

“It feels good knowing Revend is watching our store 24/7, like an extra set of eyes providing backup and removing the pressure for us to be buried in dashboards. The flagged issues save us time and money in both error detection and resolution, keeping us safe from unchecked drops in our KPIs.” Niels Hoogenhout - Platform manager at Newpharma

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Why consider Revend?

Is this a match made in e-commerce heaven? Find out in 3 short questions.

Can you afford to wait 24 hours before spotting issues that impact revenue?

Revend monitors, detects, and tracks operational issues in minutes, before they burn away your top line revenue, and alerts you wherever you work.

Do you have time to set up a complex solution?

Revend is both fast and easy to implement. A turnkey, strongly integrated solution that can be set up under 5 minutes.

Can you easily get issues on top of the priority list from IT?

Revend boosts alignment between your business and IT teams, making sure burning issues are isolated from the noise in a clear and easily readable format.

The Revend team is currently running closed trials with selected partners. Reach us at or sign up below to request participation or early access.

“Growing a DTC brand from scratch means optimising hundreds of things at the same time. Revend keeps a watchful eye on our e-commerce operations, making sure we don’t miss preventable outages that affect revenue.” Vincent Jocquet - Co-founder at The French Kiss Club

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