Resources: Whitepapers and webinars

Hi there 👋 Our goal for each of these resources is simple: offer free support that has a positive impact on the effectiveness of your e-commerce efforts. They are the result of our team's research, insights, and feedback from users as we continuously shape Revend to fit your needs.

Whitepaper: What is keeping marketeers awake at night? 

In this white paper, we compiled learnings from 43 interviews (over 20 hours of conversation) conducted over the summer of 2022 with a diverse group of experienced e-commerce marketeers. 5 key questions were at the core of each interview.

  1. What marketing challenge keeps you up at night?
  2. Which external factors have the best and worst influence on your work?
  3. What's most and least important to tackle first when facing revenue-impacting issues?
  4. What considerations prevail when choosing new tools to add to your marketing stack?
  5. What is your prediction for the biggest change in marketing by 2027?

Read the full article, by clicking the link in the title above, or here. P.S. The reason we ask for your email 📬 before sharing a white paper, is so we can inform you once Revend is officially launched. We will never use your email for other purposes than that. Happy reading!

WEBINAR NOVEMBER 2022: Perfect your Tracking before Black Friday

Did you miss it? No worries, you can request the recording of this session below.

As an e-commerce marketeer, your insights, flow, and performance can only be as good as the data you are basing your decisions on.

It’s easy to get sidelined when this data turns out to be unreliable due to issues originating from bad data quality, data duplication, and messy Google Tag Manager setups.

This also impacts us at Revend, where we rely on clean, well-behaved data to build helpful operational monitoring models.

A good tracking setup sets you up for success. And success is what we want for you.

So we decided to share our best practices. 1) What is event-based tracking and why is it useful? 2) What are 5 reasons your tracking setup might be broken? 3) What are 5 tips to improve your tracking today? All that, and more, is discussed in the webinar. Request the recording below.