👋 Meet the team behind Revend. An international and dedicated group of people united behind the mission to make e-commerce operators sleep better at night.

Peter Wellens

CEO and co-founder. Responsible for finance, sales, and strategy.

Alex Reis

CTO and co-founder. Responsible for product, technology, and team.

Bert Baeck

Co-founder, first investor and strategy advisor to the founding team.

Murilo Baptista

Software engineer

Isabel Calado

Product designer

João Fernandes Neto

Software engineer

Stijn Meganck

Data scientist

Luan Zanatta

Software engineer


Office dog

🙌 Our ambitous team has been blessed with a group of experienced early believers that supports our goals and has invested in the future of the company. Meet the people and companies who invested in Revend.

Boris Bogaert

Managing partner at Pitchdrive

Koen Christiaens

Managing partner at Pitchdrive

Wim Derkinderen

Managing partner at Pitchdrive

Pieter Casneuf

Business angel investor and serial entrepreneur

Isabelle Tennstedt

Partner at Seeder Fund

Manoel Souza

Partner at Ateliware

Peterson F. Dos Santos

Partner at Ateliware.

Leandro Dalle Laste

Partner at Ateliware